Active Transport Competition

Students that ride, walk or scoot to school between March 1-25,  have the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes! If you drive to school each day because you live a bit too far, no worries! Why not park a few blocks from school and walk in?

Choosing active transport when you can, promotes a happy healthy body.

There are three prizes to be won including a shiny new bike!

Crunch and Sip

The Crunch and Sip Packed with Goodness sessions are FREE and are available to parents at all Western Australian primary schools. The sessions run for approximately one hour and cover the following topics:

• the importance of fruit and vegies for kids
• tips for packing a healthy lunchbox
• healthy alternatives to pre-packaged snacks
• label reading
• the best drink choices for kids

Follow the link to book your virtual session;

Harmony Day Celebration

This year we are recognising Harmony Day on Tuesday 29 March. Harmony Day is a celebration of cultural diversity and belonging. This year  students from K-6 will be taking part in a collective art project organised by Mrs Compton. We also invite students to come dressed in their cultural dress, or the colour orange. Harmony day is a special day for us at North Morley where we continue to celebrate the rich culture at our school.

COVID-19 Update – If your child has tested positive

Swimming Lessons – Postponed 

Please note that due to current operating conditions at our school and the swimming school requirements, swimming lessons in week 7 and 8 have been postponed until further notice. For refund details, please see our Connect message. Thank you for your understanding.