Junior Block Open Classrooms and more…

The Junior Block welcomed families into the classrooms to showcase what the students have been working on. The students enjoyed working with their parents on a range of activities while enjoying a light afternoon tea. Thank you Ms Davis, Ms Reid, Mrs Compton and Ms Francis for organising this event. 

IGA Community Chest 

The Community Chest at Noranda IGA has generously donated $500 towards new resources for our Pre Primary class. Ms Reid and two of our Pre Primary students visited IGA to collect this donation. Thank you IGA for your continued support!

Water Corp Incursion

On Wednesday 11th August the children at North Morley will be learning about the protection and treatment process of our water sources as it travels through the water cycle in this classroom based workshop run by one of the Water Corporation’s educational officers. There is no cost for this incursion.

Captain Koala Morning Tea

As part of our Positive Behaviour Program reward system, students may select the ‘Awesome Kids Morning Tea’ voucher as their prize. Those semester 1 winners enjoyed morning tea last week with Captain Koala. Thank you Mrs Thomas for hosting this event for the students.

Pre Primary Planting

The Pre Primary students joined Mr Kell for a native planting session outside of the PP playground. This selection of plants will encourage more birds and insects to our school gardens. Thank you City of Stirling for donating these lovely plants.

School Board Meeting

The next School Board meeting will be held on Wednesday 11 August in the administration building.