The music program at North Morley Primary school is directly linked to the West Australian curriculum and aims to improve the skills related to performance and appreciation of music for all students through exposure to a variety of musical and engaging activities. The key focus is in playing music, singing, listening, movement and playing instruments. We look at the elements of music; (beat rhythm pitch duration texture timbre dynamics and tempo) and how they are combined for different purpose and effect. Students will also learn to sing traditional and contemporary songs by Australian artists, including songs in Noongar language.

The program begins in pre-primary where students listen, sing and move to known songs and learn basic terminology. Students’ develop their theory and musical skills progressing from reading graphic notation in the early years to standard music notation using. In year 4 students learn to read music and play the recorder. Year 4 and 5 students progress to an ukulele then ultimately by the time they reach year 6 they are capable of working alone with written music scores to create a musical symphony with a chosen instrument.

North Morley students also collaborate to create an end of year production in which students come together to present a musical. They experience as close to a real production late in term four, for a two-night extravaganza held at a local high school theatre. 

In addition to the music classes taught at the school, we have a successful school choir for students in year 4 to 6. The choir attends the Massed Choir festival each year performing at the Perth Concert Hall.

There are many benefits to a music education and students from an early age are encouraged to be active in the music room, getting involved in amazing experiences, building memories of which will last a lifetime.