North Morley Primary School is a Level 4A school situated in the suburb of Dianella. This suburb features a large majority of home owners, but the rental capacity of the area is increasing due to the suburb's close proximity to the city centre. During the early 1970's the school numbers were in excess of 800. Numbers haves steadily declined and now appear to have stabilised.

The school is able to respond positively to the community's needs by providing appropriate, clearly developed educational programs that reflect continuity and are responsive to the needs and abilities of the students. This stability factor has greatly assisted in the behaviour management of students, which is supportive and responsive to family needs and expectations. Parents are very supportive of this school's highly successful initiatives to reduce verbal abuse and bullying between students.

Students come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. The purpose of this school community, consisting of pupils, teachers and parents, is to provide a stimulating and caring environment which affords the opportunity for all children to develop academically, creatively and socially to their optimum potential.

The school is staffed with very experienced personnel. The average length of service at the school is around 10 years. The school has a Principal, Deputy Principal and 13 class teachers. The school offers specialist programs in Art, Music, Italian and Bluearth.

The physical design of the school is an open area plan with 3 teaching clusters, a library/ resources centre and a separate administration block. All of the teaching areas plus the Library and Administration block are air-conditioned. The school also has a covered assembly area.

The school has clearly defined decision making processes and opportunities for consultation. During the first school development days Management Meetings give staff the opportunity to choose areas of responsibility and set in place Professional development required. The two Management Meetings per term create a forum for discussing future direction as well as addressing unforeseen issues as they arise.

The Professional Development Day in Term 4 is used to access progress made to set priorities for the coming year.

The Administration's 'open door policy' allows consultation to occur when required so that problems can be solved, directions redefined and support given so that the teachers' full attention can be devoted to their classes.

School Council meets once per term. Endorsement of the School Plan and Budget occurs at the first meeting.

The Student Council, elected by students and staff, perform a valuable role. The positions of Head Boy, Head Girl and six Councillors are elected early in the year. Functions of the Student Council include the organisation of assemblies, social events, fund-raising and presenting ideas to the Administration from the student perspective. Their role as ambassadors for our school has always been valued.