There are some legal issues concerning the photographing of some students. To protect these students, and the rights of parents/carers to record significant events in their own children’s lives, the School Council has developed the following protocols for our school.




1. Published Materials:

  •  Written parent consent must be obtained for all published documents/videos produced by the School and the P&C Association where clearly identified student images are produced.


 2. School Events:

  • Parents/ Carers are permitted to photograph/video their own child in the activities or events that they are participating in. (eg assemblies, excursions/incursions, sports days)
  • It is requested that parents/ do not have close up photographs of other students when they are photographing these events, nor do they photograph the students behind the activities.
  • When a parent is requested to take another child’s photograph by that child’s parent it is preferable to have the request in writing. This will assist in any legal complications at a future date, should they arise.
  • If a community member observes inappropriate filming by an unidentified person they should report it immediately to the Principal or Deputy Principal.


 3.    Students who are not to be photographed:

  • Parents/carers must notify the school in writing if their child is not to be photographed for legal reasons.
  • Those students will be asked to sit in designated areas at assemblies so that there is minimal likelihood of them being photographed.
  • Parents of these students understand that at whole school functions where students are mobile (such as sports day or excursions/incursions), the school will not be able to ensure that the child will not be photographed as part of that activity. If this is likely to cause a problem, then parents/carers will need to be with their child to monitor this.