We are required by regulation to contact parents for absentee notes. All absences should be explained either verbally or in writing. Letters will be sent home to parents requesting an explanation of any unexplained absences. Each Semester the school has to submit a return to the Regional Office.

For supervision purposes, students should not arrive before 8.30am and need to leave the school grounds promptly after the siren at 3:00pm. Arrangements for care of students after school hours can be made with our onsite group Camp Australia.

Complaints Policy

Staff at this school are responsible for managing the resolution of complaints lodged with us. We will make every effort to promptly resolve disputes and complaints lodged with us according to the principles of procedural fairness. Where we cannot resolve a complaint, the complainant, Principal or Regional Director of Schools can forward written complaints to the Director General of the Department of Education.

Dress Code

North Morley Primary School Board has established a dress code for all students attending this school. This code is based on the guidelines set down by the Department of Education.


North Morley Primary School’s Homework guidelines recommends students complete homework on a regular basis to support the classroom learning programs. Homework supports the development of the student as an independent learner providing an opportunity to learn skills such as time management, perseverance, goal setting and critical thinking.

Please read the guidelines for further information and recommends times, per week, for the students.  

Mobile Phone

In accordance with the Department of Education policy; Student Mobile Phones in Public School, North Morley Primary School bans the use of mobile phones for all K-6 students from the time they arrive at school to the conclusion of the school day. All smart watches must be on ‘aeroplane mode’ so phone calls and messages cannot be sent or received during the school day. Exemptions to this may be provided by the Principal.  If students need to bring mobile phones to school, they must be handed to the school administration upon arrival to school.  Students can collect their phone at the conclusion of the school day.

Positive Behaviour 

The school has formulated a Positive Behaviour policy that is reviewed regularly. It protects the individual child’s right to learn and feel safe in the school. Students are expected to take responsibility for their own actions and to be Safe, Positive, Organised, Respectful and Tolerant members of our school community. 

Sun Smart

North Morley Primary School is a Sun Smart school. Students are required to wear a school endorsed Sun Smart hat when undertaking outside activities and apply sunscreen when outside for a long period of time.