Travelling to and from School

Bicycles and Scooters

In accordance with Road Safety Council recommendations, the riding of bicycles to school is restricted to children in Year 4 and above unless under adult supervision. Parents are asked to ensure that children are aware of basic road rules, can ride efficiently and have a roadworthy bicycle with effective brakes. When approaching the school where the Crosswalk Attendants are on duty, children should get off their bicycles, walk them across the road under supervision and walk the bicycle through the school grounds to the bicycle racks.  Under state law, bike helmets are compulsory.

A secure, locked bike area is provided for the parking of bicycles, however parents are encouraged to provide a lock / chain for their child’s bicycle together with some form of identification.  The Department of Education does not provide insurance cover for student’s bicycles parked on school property.  Bikes parked on school grounds are done so at the owner’s risk.