Connect is a Department of Education based communication tool used by all Western Australian schools.

School Space

The School Space on Connect is where Whole School Notices are posted, usually from the Administration Staff.

Class Page

The Class Page is managed by your classroom teacher/s. Here teachers’ will place notices, photos, videos etc. relevant to the classroom.  All teachers are required, by the school to post weekly updates to families.

Connect Now App

The Connect Now App is available for all Apple and Android devices. It is a good way to stay up to date through the use of push notifications for notices posted on the School Space and the Class Page. You are also able to view your child’s report using the App.

The App however is limited and doesn’t support the full features of Connect such as; the library (where many documents and information is placed) as well as the calendar where events can be placed.

Web Browser

Using Connect through the Internet allows you to use all features of Connect including; the library and calendar.

Connect can be logged into via the Internet on a computer, tablet or mobile device via the website You can also easily create a shortcut on your tablet/home screen to Connect via the Internet, rather than using the App.

Absentee Notes

Connect has the capability for families to send absentee notes to the school. This feature is currently only available when using a Web Browser, not the App.

P Number

P number is a ‘Parent Number” that you will need to log into Connect. If you have registered your email address with the office, then you will have a P Number and password. Multiple parents/caregivers are able to be on Connect, not just one. If you are unsure of your P Number, please contact the office.

Other Information

If you would like any further information, an information session or some guidance on using and getting the most out of Connect, please see Mrs Gage in the office.