Cross Country, Green Team and Robogals

Cross Country 

Well done to all of our students in PP to Year 6 for participating in this year’s cross country. It was a beautiful day in the sun. 

The overall cross country standings for each faction are Mercury with 49 point, Nardoo with 140 points and Stirling with 145 points. These points will be added to the overall results accumulated at the faction carnival on Friday 3 September.

Green Team Market Stall

The Green Team will have their last market stall of the term on Thursday 1 July from 8:20 – 8:45am in the undercover area. They will be selling banana water (plant fertilizer), mandarins and their very own preserved olives. All funds raised go towards projects run by the Green Team.


Robogals is a student run organisation that aims to inspire and empower young women to consider studying engineering and related fields. The Robogals team will be coming to North Morley next week to work with our Year 5 female students.