Health Services


Dental Therapy Centres provide free general and emergency dental care for students who attend a school recognised by the WA Dept. of Education. Eligible students are aged 5 to 16 or until the end of Year 11, whichever comes first. Students at North Morley attend the Dental Therapy Centre at Camboon Primary. Families will be notified by Camboon regarding appointments. 


The school health service promotes healthy development and wellbeing, helping students reach their full potential. School health nurses provide the service in partnership with schools. School Health Services promote improved health outcomes for school aged children and young people. 

Services include: 

  • vision and hearing screening and surveillance 
  • access to parenting programs 
  • early detection and referral of children exhibiting mental health risk factors 
  • developmental assessments and referral to other specialist services such as Community Health’s Child Development Service (CDS) as required. 

The school health service is free and confidential. Students learn better when they are healthy, safe and happy.

Sick children

In the event of children becoming ill during the day, or suffering a serious injury, parents will be notified and asked to make arrangements for their care. In extreme emergencies, when parents cannot be contacted, the child may be taken to a hospital via ambulance for treatment. Payment for such treatment will be the parents’ responsibility.

It is important that the school is notified of any change of address, telephone number, or emergency contact person to avoid discomfort or danger to the child caused by delays in obtaining treatment.

Infectious diseases

Listed below are some of the common childhood complaints encountered at school. Please note that exclusion periods apply unless varied by medical advice and treatment. As a general rule, parents should ensure that children are well before returning them to school.

CHICKEN POXExclude until all vesicles have crusted.
CONJUNCTIVITISExclude until discharge from eyes has ceased.
DIARRHOEAExclude until diarrhoea has ceased for 24 hours.
HAND, FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASEExclude until vesicles have crusted/dry.
HEPATITIS AExclude until 14 days after onset of illness or 7 days after jaundice appears.
IMPETIGO (School Sores)Exclude until after antibiotic treatment has commenced.  Lesions on exposed skin surfaces should be covered with a waterproof dressing.  Young children unable to comply with good hygiene practice should be excluded until sores are dry.
MEASLES Exclude for 4 days after the onset of the rash.
MENINGOCOCCAL INFECTIONExclude until after treatment completed.
MUMPS  Exclude for 9 days after the onset of symptoms.
PARVOVIRUS19(Slap Cheek)No exclusion from school, as the virus is only contagious before the rash appears.
RINGWORM, SCABIES, PEDICULOSIS (Lice), TRACHOMA Exclude until person has received antifungae treatment for 24 hours.  For head lice exclude until hair is treated and lice removed.  For scabies and trachoma exclude until person has received treatment.
RUBELLA  (German Measles):Exclude for 4 days after onset of rash.
STREPTOCOCCAL INFECTION (Including SCARLET FEVER)Exclude until person has received antibiotic for 24 hours.
WHOOPING COUGH Exclude until 5 days after an appropriate antibiotic treatment or for 21 days from the onset of coughing.
WORMS (Intestinal)Exclude until diarrhoea has ceased.

Information in this table was produced by Prevention and Control Program, Department of Health 2015.