Kindergarten 2023 enrolments now open!

Kindy Open Day

Term Planner – AMMENDMENT

With the new operating guidelines welcoming back face to face assemblies, our Student Councillors will be hosting an assembly on Friday in week 2 and 4. We look forward to welcoming our families back to our first assembly on Friday 6 May.

Any additions or changes made to the term planner will be published on both Connect and our closed school Facebook page.

Stay & Play

P&C Meetings

The first School Board and P&C meetings of the term will take place on Wednesday 11 May. Information regarding the online School Board meeting will be posted on Facebook and Connect. The P&C meeting will be held in the staffroom at 7:30pm.  Everyone is welcome to attend.


This fortnight the students S.P.O.R.T focus is SAFE. Being safe means making choices that are free from risk danger and harm. It means respecting others, following rules and routines and using equipment responsibly. Ask your child what choices they have made to be safe this week at school.