School Board

The North Morley Primary Board is a dynamic group of six representatives who lead the governance of the school.

Comprised of the Principal, three parent representatives and two staff representatives, the Board seeks to ensure that the views of all of the segments of the North Morley community are considered in shaping our direction.

With parents and community members holding the voting majority, the voice of the community we serve is privileged in the operations of North Morley Primary School.

Members of the Board are elected by the constituents they serve and require no special qualification to join, just an interest in representing those in their membership category.

While no qualifications are necessary, we find that each Board member brings with them a wealth of expertise, insight and perspective which serves to enrich our school.

The Board works closely with the Principal, staff and school community to promote the school and support delivery of the highest quality education for our students, as their learning needs are of utmost importance