School Survey 2021

Our 2021 school survey is now live. We value your opinion and this survey will provide us with a snapshot of our school community’s thoughts. Please take a moment to complete the survey here:

Survey closes Monday 6 September.

P&C Meeting

The next P&C meeting is on Monday 23 August at 7:30pm in the staffroom. Everyone is welcome to attend. Please follow the link below to read the previous meetings minutes.

Watermelon Experiment

Do you know how many elastics it takes to make a watermelon explode?!? The students in Room 7 do…451!!! With an exciting grand finale to Science Week, the students in Room 7 conducted  this experiment, stretching elastic bands one by one around the middle of a watermelon.  The process took a while but when the pressure was too much, there was a fantastic explosion of watermelon to the great delight of everyone watching.

Spelling Bee

Congratulations to all of this year’s Spelling Bee finalists. This year’s Spelling Bee champions were:

Year 3/4 – 3rd Joana, 2nd Toby, 1st Ryan

Year 5/6 – 3rd Zakari, 2nd Yaser, 1st Jai

There were some tough words drawn on the day like; rigmarole, rueful, fracas, semblance, faucet, and complement.

Well done everybody!

Power Rangers – Reducing NMPS’s Energy Use

Reducing energy consumption is the simplest way to reduce our school’s environmental impact. The main areas of energy consumption in schools are:

  • Lighting
  • Heating and cooling 
  • Computers. 

Students in Room 1 have become North Morley’s first Power Rangers – implementing simple no-cost solutions to try and reduce electricity consumption.

Analysing the data using the ClimateClever app you can see we are on track to use over 100k of kilowatts again this year. Let’s see if we can get our usage below 100k North Morley by simply switching off lights and other appliances when not in use!!

Faction Carnival 

The first event of Faction Carnival week is Jumps and Throws. This will take place on Monday 30 August starting at 9:00am on the oval. The Faction Carnival main event takes place on Friday 3 September. Families are welcome to attend.

The estimated schedule is as follows:

Monday 30 AugustLong JumpLong Throw
9:00Year 1Year 2
9:25Year 2Year 1
10:00Year 3Year 4
10:25Year 4Year 3
11:20Year 5Year 6
11:50Year 6Year 5
Friday 3 SeptemberEventYear Level
9:15 – 10:25Junior Team GamesPre Primary – Year 2
10:50 – 12:20Intermediate and Senior Team GamesYear 3 – 6
1:15 – 2:50Flat Races Relays PresentationsPre Primary – Year 6